To Cable Operators:

BVOVN (Believer’s Voice of Victory Network) is a 24/7 non-commercial linear Christian network originating from Fort Worth, Texas. BVOVN is available to all cable systems in the United States at no cost. The cable operator is only responsible for downlinking the network from Galaxy 16 (see technical specs below). Ad insertion is not permitted.

BVOVN carries approximately 2100 hours of original programming annually, 800 hours of which is live programming. Live programs include, for example, American Stands live election coverage of presidential and mid-term elections (link). BVOVN is currently carried by Dish Network (Channel 265) as well as broadcast TV sub-channels in the Orlando and Albuquerque DMAs. The network has a substantial presence on all major OTT platforms and has maintained a top five presence of religious channels on Roku.

BVOVN is owned and operated by Eagle Mountain Int’l Church, Inc., a 501c3 Texas corporation. The company websites (,,,) have over 10 million annual visitors, plus 1.4 million Facebook followers and 429,300 U.S. households receive monthly correspondence from the ministry.

Cable systems that elect to carry BVOVN will be listed and promoted as affiliated cable systems on websites, email promotions and OTT platforms.

For more information, please contact Tom Cunningham at or call 817-252-5850.

How to Carry BVOVN for FREE

We are excited to offer you the ability to carry BVOVN on your network for FREE! Below is the information you need to know to carry BVOVN at no cost.

Satellite Downlink Specifications: If you use a Satellite Feed, we use a Standard Definition 480i widescreen anamorphic format. If you use IP or Roku®, we use an HD 720p format, which looks the best of the two formats.

  • Satellite: Galaxy 16 (99 degrees West orbital slot)
  • Band: C-band
  • Transponder: 7
  • Polarization: Vertical up / Horizontal down
  • Downlink frequency: 3832.50 MHz
  • L-band downlink frequency: 1317.50 MHz
  • IF Frequency : 62.50
  • Content: Standard Definition (SD) video with embedded stereo audio channel(s)
  • Encoding: MPEG-4/AVC H.264
  • Transport (Raw) Data rate: 5.4 Mbps
  • Symbol rate: 2.4 Mbps/(Mbaud)
  • Allocated BW: 3.0 MHz
  • Transmission standard: DVB-S2
  • Modulation: QPSK
  • FEC: ¾ rate
  • Roll off: 0.20
  • Pilots: Off

To receive the IP Address for streaming, contact Tom Cunningham at

Roku channel for streaming: Install BVOVN channel from religious category on Roku.


If you have any questions about how to carry BVOVN for FREE, please contact Tom Cunningham at Thank you for your interest in carrying BVOVN® at no cost!