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<i>God’s Master Plan for Your Life</i> by Mark Hankins

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God’s Master Plan for Your Life by Mark Hankins

God has a master plan for your life! It may not seem that way, especially when you stumble and fall, but you aren’t just an accident of nature that God took pity on. Though it may seem that you’re blindly making your way through this world, the truth is that God is behind you all the way. Giving your life over to God—letting go and letting Him take over the leadership in every area—is no easy task. But in her trademark inspiring and empowering style, Gloria Copeland gives you the 10 keys for finding your destiny. Living a godly life is within your reach no matter your age, your background, your past sins, or your current circumstances. God had a plan for Adam and Eve. God had a plan for Abraham. God had a plan for Jesus. And God has a plan for you.

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