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Gary Keesee
Fixing the Money Thing
12:00am CST
Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle Ministries
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Butch Bruton
Living the Good Life
1:00am CST
Bill Winston
Believer's Walk of Faith with Bill Winston
1:30am CST
Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar

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<i>Signs of the Last Days, An End Times Update</i> by Dr. Billye Brim

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Signs of the Last Days, An End Times Update by Dr. Billye Brim

The two most important days in the history of the world are these: the first coming of the Lord Jesus, and the second coming of the Lord Jesus. All other historical events pale in the light of these two events. The first event has already happened...and the second -which is happening soon - surpasses the first! Yes, He is coming soon, and the signs are all around us! In this series of messages by Billye Brim, you will learn exactly what these signs are-so that as you withness the signs of Jesus' coming in the days ahead, you'll be prepared to point the people in your life to the plan God has for them and for this world. You'll discover: • The signs of nature God has set in motion to provide us information about the last days. • The importance of God's calendar as He prepares for Jesus' return • The significance of personally knowing the signs of the last days • and more! Let Billye Brim guide you in your discovery of God's calendar and the detailed signs of Jesus' second coming. Get ready to know and understand the Signs of the Last Days-the most important days in the history of our world!