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Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar
10:00pm CST
Andrew Wommack
Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack
10:30pm CST
David & Nicole Crank
FaithChurch.com with David & Nicole Crank
11:00pm CST
Gloria Copeland
The Prosperous Life
11:30pm CST
Gary Keesee
Fixing the Money Thing

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You Determine Your Blessing! by Kenneth Copeland

God isn’t holding back. His WORD spells it out: a hundredfold return is already yours. And, every principality, power, might and dominion in the earth and under the earth is trying to keep it from you. Find the hidden wisdom God has stored up for you. Learn to fight the good fight of faith to receive what’s rightfully yours. As a believer, in covenant with Him, the decision is yours. Choose to believe God. Choose His WORD. YOU Determine Your BLESSING!